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Below is something we thought is a little bit of light humour!
If you think we may fit, if you think we may be your photographer for your big day,
take a look below and scroll through some ‘Do you’ questions.



q: Can we meet you before we book to see if you're the right photographers for us?
a: Absolutely! We would love to catch up for a coffee somewhere and have a chat and see if we are a good fit, no strings attached. However we will not hold your date in that time.

q: Will we receive RAW files (unedited images)
a: No. Because we pour our heart and soul into our editing style, we do not provide RAW files.

q: Do we need to provide you with a shot list?
a: The only shot list we need is the family portraits that you would like taken after the ceremony (max 8 combinations...we can help you out with this when we meet up so don't worry!) and the rest can be left up to us.  

q: When will our photographs be ready?
a: We know all to well how long it feels when you have to wait for your wedding photos, so we do our very best to get them out as soon as possible!  Our turn around time is 12-16 weeks, however we say this but always deliver earlier.  In this time we will share some sneak peeks with you and keep you updated.  We will let you know as soon as your gallery is loaded to your private online gallery. 

q: Who selects the images we get in the end?
a: We do, this is part of our job as your photographers and this is one of our favourite parts.  We look back through your day, select the best of the best, the images that will best tell your story from your day and start the editing.

If you would like to see some more information on what we offer, or even better... book with us! 
Then lets chat!